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Genna Moe

Genna Moe was born and raised in Berkeley, California and graduated from the University of Washington at Seattle with a dual BA in Art History and Interdisciplinary Visual Art, including a two year undergraduate art fellowship in Italy. In 2008, her passion for visual arts brought her to the Aspen Art Museum, where she developed programs in education and outreach, before joining the management team at the Wheeler Opera House, and completing her MA from the University of Denver in Arts Development and Program Management. Genna is past President of the Aspen Young Professionals Association and a graduate of Roaring Fork Leadership. She’s passionate about contributing to her community and believes art is vital to personal and community well-being. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the Art Base in Basalt, Colorado where she is guiding the organizations’s growth as it realizes its great potential as a community leader and regional center of art learning and celebration.