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ArtAspen Commissioned Artist Adrienne Elise Tarver on Making ‘In Fertile Shadows’

Source: The Aspen Times | August 1, 2019

Nobody experiences the ArtAspen art fair quite the same way.

Depending on how you navigated the floor, depending on the crowds, depending on what catches your eye, you may have left the 2019 fair — which ran July 25-28 — talking about Anthony James’ dizzying optical illusion sculpture installations, the uncanny cardboard pulp sculptures and furniture of Domingos Totora, the irresistible pop culture riffs of painter Tyler Sean and street artist Skyler Grey, or all those Warhols, Hirsts and Harings peppering the more

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Art Aspen Celebrates 10 Years

Source: Whitewall | July 26, 2019

Yesterday, Art Aspen debuted for its tenth edition. The art fair, open through July 28 at the Aspen Ice Garden, brings together presentations from around 30 galleries, showcasing the work of over 100 international artists. Highlights this year include kinetic-op work by Carlos Cruz-Diez at Sicardi Ayers Bacino Gallery, glass objects by Alex Bernstein at Raven Gallery, new pieces by emerging artist Justin Lyons at Sérvulo Esmeraldo, and an inaugural Art Commission by Adrienne Elise more


Top 25 Summer 2019

Source: Cultured | July 25, 2019

From exhibitions and installations to performances and collaborations, we bring you the most important events in art, design, architecture, fashion and everything in more

Art Aspen Celebrates 10 Years

Source: Aspen82 | July 25, 2019

The Lift talks with artist Adrienne Elise Tarver and Leah Steinhardt, Director of Art Aspen.

Tune-in from 8:30-9:30am to catch our live morning show with Diana Lane! The Lift features the best of Aspen, including what is happening in Aspen and where to eat, drink, stay and play. The Lift tell you how to get the most out of your time in Aspen, both on and off the more

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Art Aspen Awards Adrienne Elise Tarver With Inaugural Artist Commission

Source: Whitewall | July 25, 2019

This summer, the contemporary Art Aspen fair celebrates its tenth anniversary at its mainstay location in the Aspen Ice Garden. The boutique-style fair, welcoming approximately 30 of the country’s distinguished galleries, showcases pieces from the 1950s to today. Included in the fair’s programming are a collection of artist-led tours, talks, and a SELECTS section that highlights pieces chosen by curators, designers, and more


Three Artists to Discover at Art Aspen

Source: Galerie | July 24, 2019

Art Aspen is celebrating its tenth year in the prominent, if compact, art scene in the ski capital, exhibiting 100 global artists across booths by 29 national galleries, in addition to one foreign participant from Switzerland, Laurent Marthaler Contemporary of Montreux. The fair begins July 25 at the Aspen Ice Garden and runs through Sunday, July 28.

A week before ArtCrush, the Aspen Art Museum’s annual summer extravaganza, the city’s first and only art fair kicks off the town’s summer season with works by fair fixtures Fernando Botero, Damien Hirst, and Carlos Cruz-Diez, in addition to emerging talents Sérvulo Esmeraldo and Justin more


What’s up at ArtAspen 2019?

Source: The Aspen Times | July 25, 2019

In its 10th year at the Aspen Ice Garden, the ArtAspen art fair isn’t just exhibiting work from leading contemporary artists. The fair is making it, too.

The fair, running through Sunday, will unveil its inaugural commissioned artwork this weekend: a site-specific installation by New York-based artist Adrienne Elise Tarver.

The immersive work is a tropical environment made up of jungle-green floral canopies and vines fashioned out of wire mesh and other household more

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5 Things to Do This Weekend: July 26–July 28, 2019

Source: Aspen Sojourner | July 24, 2019

With almost 30 notable dealers on hand from around the country showcasing works from 1950 to the present, and the Aspen Ice Garden transformed into a sleek contemporary gallery, this annual show is a must-see for serious collectors and modern art enthusiasts alike. Among the talks, guided tours, and receptions is Aspen Sojourner’s own cocktail reception (Friday, 5–7 p.m.) to benefit local nonprofit Response, which advocates for survivors of domestic violence and sexual more


New Aspen Gallery Tours Aim to Demystify Contemporary Art

Source: The Aspen Times | February 7, 2019

Friends and friends of friends have often asked Agustina Mistretta for a crash course on Aspen’s famed contemporary art scene.

“Everybody would ask me: ‘What are the good shows? What are the good galleries? Can you give me a walk-through?’” she recalled.

So she’s now turned her expertise and passion into a small tour company, offering free tours of local contemporary art more


Andy Moses Psychedelic Landscapes Debut at Art Aspen

Source: Art Report | March 5, 2019

Art Aspen’s celebrated their 9th year of their annual fair from July 27th-July 29th. The show took place at the Aspen Ice Garden, in the Ajax Mountain. The works were selected by tastemakers such as designer Suzanne Lovell, collector and chair of Young Arts Miami Sarah Arison, and writer, educator and critic James Yood.

Q: How did you decide that you wanted to be an artist? Was it 100% influenced by your father, Ed Moses’s, work? more


Art for a Cause in an Unlikely Arena

Source: Aspen Daily News | July 28, 2018

Unless one considers two-dimensional, skate-carved figure 8s and splatters from bloody noses and dislodged teeth high art, a hockey rink isn’t usually the first place that comes to mind when one thinks of staging an exhibition. By that token, a rink would seem especially incongruous as a venue for a gathering of some of America’s preeminent contemporary art galleries…read more


Aspen Peak Hosts Vernissage for Art Aspen

Source: Aspen Peak | July 26, 2018

The opening night of any art fair is full of excitement and anticipation, the culmination of many months of planning, work and execution. Aspen Peak took pride in hosting the vernissage for Art Aspen for the ninth year in a row July 26. The Aspen Ice Garden was transformed into a largescale exhibition space for artwork from galleries across the country. Art-loving Aspenites wandered down the halls and into the booths—that is, when they weren’t busy sipping Entourage rosé and taking #selfies with works of contemporary art. One sculpture made of light and mirrors by artist Anthony James went viral on social media. This year, the opening night benefactor was The Art Base, an education and community hub in Basalt. Attendance for the fair was at a record high by an increase of 35%…read more


Arts&Culture: Art Aspen 2018

Source: Aspen Real Life | July 31, 2018

LivAspen Art Gallery Owner, Olivia Daane, interviews artists and art patrons for Aspen Real Life. Interviews include; Artist Andy Moses; Gallery Owner Andrea Smith Zieher of Ziehersmith Contemporary Fine Art; Gregory Lahmi of Opera Gallery Aspen; Art Patron Glenn Bucksbaum; Artist Marc Dennis; Interior Designer, Barbara Glass; Art Patron Gary Block, and Artist Tori White.

Art Aspen, the city’s only art fair dedicated to contemporary art and is held at the Aspen Ice Garden each Summer, approximately 30 of the country’s preeminent art galleries are featured, showcasing pieces from 1950 – present…read more


The Essential Aspen Summer Art Guide 2018

Source: Galerie | July 23, 2018

Nestled high up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Aspen has been a cultural haven since the 1970s. An Alpine paradise, where the jet set ski in the winter and hike in the summer, Aspen and its environs are home to a major museum exhibiting international artists, an art center with visiting artists and workshops in all mediums, a boutique-style art fair, a handful of quality galleries and some exciting public art. Here, we highlight a selection of summer art offerings that visitors won’t want to miss…read more

Art for a Cause in an Unlikely Arena

Source: Bouin Art Info | July 26, 2018

Unless one considers two-dimensional, skate-carved figure 8s and splatters from bloody noses and dislodged teeth high art, a hockey rink isn’t usually the first place that comes to mind when one thinks of staging an exhibition. By that token, a rink would seem especially incongruous as a venue for a gathering of some of America’s preeminent contemporary art galleries. read more