Robyn Scott

Robyn Scott is an accomplished, award winning interior designer with a portfolio exemplifying top-level expertise and elite clientele. Since opening her design firm 20 years ago, Scott has garnered acclaim for her unique vision and holistic approach to interior design. She is the only designer executing her unique approach- Artitexture. She crafted the concept and coined the term “artitexture” as a way of bridging her passion and talents –art and interior design, creating a bridge between architectural structure and interior furnishings. Backed by a team of leading contractors, vendors and suppliers, Scott delivers spaces that exude connections to the environment, sophistication, and elevated living.

It’s been said by her client’s that “Her artistic sense and vision have brought a distinctive, new beauty to the interior” and “Robyn’s keen eye for contemporary design, materials and detailing make her my ideal choice as design partner , and of her most acclaimed project “Many have said this is one of the most special homes they have been in, from Vail to Aspen.”