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    Welcoming arts patron Helene Galen with Palm Springs Art Museum board members
  • ArtAspen
    Offering an impressive selection of prized post-war and contemporary art for acquisition
  • ArtAspen
    30 prominent galleries showcased $50 million in art at the 4th annual ArtAspen
  • ArtAspen
    A record attendance of 700 collectors, trustees, philanthropists embraced Opening Night
  • ArtAspen
    America's boutique fair offers a curated but wide selection of 1,000 significant works of art
  • ArtAspen
    Scores of paintings found new homes in Aspen and beyond on Opening Night
  • ArtAspen
    Aspenites indulging in their Passion for Possession
  • ArtAspen
    Uncovering valuable treasures is the new non-contact sport In Aspen
  • ArtAspen
    Selecting the right piece in which residence is the challenge facing fairgoers at ArtAspen 2013
  • ArtAspen
    Exec. Dir. Rick Friedman, Robischon Gallery's Jennifer Doran and Cindy Lou Wakefield
  • ArtAspen
    Art dealer Vincent Vallarino with art collector and interior designer Stephanie Stokes
  • ArtAspen
    Fairgoers relished meeting gallery owners from around the nation

In The News


4th Annual ArtAspen Wows Top Collectors and Patrons

artaspen2013fairFinal Press Release
The 4th annual ArtAspen ended its 4 day run on Sunday, August 4, 2013 and was rated an overwhelming success according to a cross section of art savvy fairgoers and gallery exhibitors. Many indicated the quality of works and range of selection was the best ever. continue.

ArtAspen Utterly Transforms Ice Rink

ArtAspenSource: Modern Luxury Aspen | August 9, 2013
An ice rink and a contemporary art fair seemingly make for unlikely bed fellows, but with ArtAspen utterly transforming the Aspen Ice Garden into a veritable showcase of world-class art for the fourth straight year, doubters can naysay no more. continue.

Aspen Fair Paints Town with Renowned Artists

aspennewsSource: Aspen Times | August 2, 2013
As Robert and Linda Schmier slowly took in the art displayed at ArtAspen by the Madison Gallery from La Jolla, California, their concentration was apparent. Both looked, stepped back and tried to appreciate the art from different perspectives and angles. continue.

Aspen Opening Night Video

video13With the bolstering of a vibrant and much anticipated opening night preview, which generated 700 serious art devotees, the fair’s total 4 days attendance increased to 2,425, a 10% increase from last year. Estimated total art sales, also rose approx. 20% from 2012, with the 30 participating galleries reporting total sales in $3-5million level, including on-site and immediately pending post show sales activity. continue.